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The Creative Revolution

The Creative Revolution is coming! Leave your current reality and enter the world of creativity.

The Creative Revolution is coming! In BFreak Project we do our best to make it true. 

The Creative Revolution is coming! Our dream is to unleash the creative potential of humanity...

Have you ever wondered:

  • What is our full creative potential? 

  • How really our creativity and brain work?  

  • What would happen if we all were more creative?

We aim to answer these questions. We want to help you unleash your creative potential. The future is still a mystery, however we already know the answers to the other questions:

Can you change the level of your creativity? Yes

Can creativity be taught and improved? Yes

Can you become the next creative genius? Yes

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you found a great idea, a dream and you felt high inspiration? How often do you experience it? Do you have time for it? Are you even able to experience it? Are such moments priorities in your life? Imagine the world, where you're not limited to anything and you are able to do anything. This is your imagination and our vision is to transfer this imaginative potential to reality. 



Let’s focus on our current reality. The world that we take for granted and consider as "normal". Most of us humans go through life lost in darkness. Most of us live with little creativity being just focused on basic problems of everyday life and pleasure. We make very little use of our brain and ignore our potential, because making money, going shopping or playing games is “more important”. How often do you use your creativity? How often do you create?

Think about all the people who we consider as "geniuses" - individuals, who were born this way. People who think differently, who change our world. Why don't we consider their creativity as a norm? They are highly creative because they make a big use of their minds. Why don’t we follow them and build a society of geniuses? Why do we separate ourselves from them? Instead, most of us follow our everyday life without ever reaching the stars. By accepting this reality, we harm not only ourselves but also others in the present and future. 

We recognize ourselves as complicated beings and this is our excuse for ignoring our true potential and possibility to accomplish much more. However as a result we are like an animal kept in a cage, where the cage is in our minds. Another difference is that the animal would be aware of being enslaved. Our society doesn’t require from each other to be genius and make a change. “This is impossible” - they might say. The problem is in accepting this type of thinking and continuing this primitive basic existence with or without a guise of development.

Both creativity and the brain are still a big mystery for us. Geniuses grasped it. Crazy people and we as children too. Scientists and philosophers do their best to explore it too. What about you? Do you care about it? This research doesn’t necessarily require any high tech  devices and tons of books. You have 24h access to this mystery in your head. You can explore it with your own experiments, unconventional thinking patterns and curiosity.

Everyone is creative (even if you think the opposite with your own example). Thus everyone can become a creator, and produce great results just by using creative thinking. Look at the world around you, nearly everything you see is created by the human hand, with the human mind.  Everything around us began as ideas in our minds; we can build our future in exactly the same way. 



So… how can we make the changes? How can we make this dream of a creative world a reality? The foundation for it is the change of the way we think. The Creative Revolution has to start in our minds. This is how it will look like:

1.Explore the full creative potential of individuals. Before we change the world, we aim to explore the creative potential of highly creative people, analyze what is so unique about them and organize this knowledge. Exploration and redefining creativity is just the beginning. There’s unlimited space for new creativity techniques, new ideas and new projects. The amazing creations of all cultures are the results of creativity and our ghoul is to focus on creativity itself. The essence behind creative accomplishments of humanity.

2.Share the knowledge by educating people. Not everyone has to make a change, but we believe that everyone should be aware of their abilities. This step of opening people’s minds will take different forms: from books and articles to workshops and courses. It's your choice if you want to use them or not. This creative knowledge should be dedicated to all ages: kids, students, adults. Everyone is important. You might think you're too old. You're not, because as humans we have the natural ability to adapt to change. Even the less creative person in the world can share the knowledge further.

3. Revolutionise the world with creativity. It's not only about creativity but also intelligence, shaping creative attitude, being ambitious and curious. This is why our Project is open to collaboration, to apply the creative change to different fields on a global scale. Inspiration is the key here. By stimulating people’s minds we can see unexpected results. We aim to make people more aware, more observant, more sensitive. Change our thinking patterns and the change will start in your mind too. Try to escape reality. It's not easy, but it's worth doing. 

There are many challenges and we think about them in advance. To make the change the society needs to be supported too. For example, some people around the world find it difficult to be creative. How to be creative when you don't feel safe? When you're hungry? Or extremely poor? There are different situations in the world and your creativity can help these people by finding innovative solutions to global issues. If you read this vision so far, it means that you're probably not one of these people. You can explore your creativity freely. Appreciate and make use of this fact. Another challenge is too little support and appreciation of creatives. We're going to support them by awards, exposure in our project and mentoring.

So let’s be more creative! Let’s replace our daily routines with experimentation, exploration, and new ideas. We encourage you all to make more creative decisions! That’s why we adore the bizarreness, the uniqueness, the freakness. It makes our world more exciting and special. Ask more questions, support creatives you know, use your imagination more often. Start talking more about your creative dreams, share your inspirations. Stop letting the world push you down. Be brave enough to join The Creative Revolution!



Imagine a world where people will try to make the most of their creativity. It will be completely different. There will be much more diversity, individuality and liveliness. Creators will blow our minds. Imagine infinite numbers of ideas for books, inventions, artworks, scientific theories, ecological solutions, business plans, melodies, poems, films that are waiting to be discovered. 

Creativity is a universal tool, so we can apply it to every issue. We can solve global problems more efficiently with new innovations. We can increase our skill of imagining and predicting future issues. Problem solving will help us. The aim is not to make our life easier, but deeper and more exciting. 

However mastering creativity requires responsibility. As all tools that humanity uses, we can both create and destroy, help and harm. We can try to predict some of the threats and prevent them from happening. We should not be afraid of these new possibilities, but as in the case of the Internet, give it to people.

 Here are a few examples of how we can creatively expand our prospects:

-more fun - imagine all new awesome films, games, books with crazy worlds and situations

-amazement - think about fascinating artworks, inventions, places that you already know, and realize that it always can be better

-new challenges - they will arise because of creativity and we can deal with them with excitement and curiosity

-new discoveries - people in XX century thought that everything was already invented

 If we put different levels of creativity then what would be on the roof? Are there unexplored methods and tools to be more creative? What would be the results? One day we will expand our thinking that will allow us to fully use our creative potential....

Full exploration and understanding of human creativity will be the next revolution in our history. We will open our minds and jump into the next level of thinking. Are you going to be a passive observer or do you want to shape tomorrow? You may say we are dreamers, but we're not the only ones…



Every day we make new decisions and every day we adapt to new situations. To survive we have to try out new things, innovate or improvise flexibly. There’s no point of being afraid of it. The world can be a very beautiful and crazy place. There’s much more to explore. Come back to your childhood memories. When you were naive and excited about the world. Abandon old thought patterns and dive into your imagination. When you rediscover your life, don’t forget to share it with others.

Do you want to be more creative? Do you think the world would be better if everyone would be more creative? How can we do this? Do you want to join us? All answers and decisions are up to you.

The Creative Revolution is coming!

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