BFreak Manifesto

BFreak manifesto:

  1. Be Freak! We adore the bizarreness, the uniqueness, the freakness.

  2. We spread art and creativity. We constantly learn, think, develop and share knowledge.

  3. We are eyes to the world, we are a heart full of passion, we are the brain of a mad man.

  4. We strive for independence! Independence from people, from space, from time. 

  5. Experimentation and exploration are our tools. We evolve constantly, we fight boredom.

  6. We aim to set potential free. We want to help and inspire the minds of humanity. 

  7. We bring fun, meaning and diversity to the world.

  8. We are the beginning. We are the creators and the creation.

Our aspirations

  • Create 3 books about creativity that will be thought in every school around the world

  • Increase demand for creatives and appreciation of their work

  • Revolutionise the world by reshaping old thinking patterns and concepts

  • Resolving the mystery of brain and creativity

  • Create a yearly award for creativity in the fields of: creativity research, art, music, literature, philosophy, science, technology…

  • Make creativity a separate field of study and teach it at every level of education 

  • Create an academy of geniuses to rise new generation of ambitious and creative individuals

  • Begin new era of creativity that will reset the calendar to year 0