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Aleksandra Ana Mikaric

Charlotte Payne

My practice consists of painting in combination with drawing and sculpture, I am exploring the juxtaposition of the natural and unusual in a domestic space. What is central to my art is imbuing it with a sense of life by working with the natural properties of my materials. Within my creative process I aim to draw from my own imagination, playing with abstraction and surreal ideas to create work that truly reflects my way of viewing the world. Fine Art Undergraduate at Newcastle University.

Dagmar Renée RITTER

I studied tratidional painting and graphic at the University of applied arts, Vienna. Being a Member of the masterclass of „Fantasic Realism“ of Prof. Wolfgang Hutter, My roots were found in Surrealism. But my style was always Dark Surrealism. Later I turned more and more to Dark Art and Digital Painting. Now I also do illustrations, sometimes funny, sometimes fantasy but mostly macabre. There is no light without darkness, no perfect beauty without flaw and no happiness without sadness. I try to show the beauty of darkness presented in a stoplight, so that the beholder can see it the way I

Glenn Malpass

My work typically focuses on bold improvised mark making over layers of abstract, colourful shapes and gradients. Abstracting the facial form through clean, spontaneous linework, often informed by the cartoons of my childhood and artists skirting the ever blurring lines of street art and the gallery space. I suppose you could liken the process to a musician improvising a solo, relying on knowledge of the fundamental forms and scales, the human brain has the potential to reach a state of “flow”, entirely in the moment and able to experience the perfect balance of arousal and boredom.

Jakub Stadnik

Hi! I am BFreak Project creator. Thank you for joining our gallery!

Justine b-m Béliveau

I (she/her/elle) am a french Canadian based in Montréal, currently completing a BFA at Concordia University. This year I had the opportunity to study abroad and explore mediums like photography, metal work and performance. I mostly work with my own feelings, emotions, as they are my greatest inspiration. I am a sexual being.

Marc Gosselin

Graduate of University of Toronto with a bachelor in science in biomedical communications. Freelance illustrator with a specialty in medical and scientific illustrations.


I sometimes forget about how much joy art brings me.


I found a new phrase recently, ‘Psychological Cubism’ and I think that sums up what I’m going on about rather nicely. So Cubism in its purist form views things from multiple angles, giving you a 360 (almost topographical) view on a single plane. I do the same thing with psychologically fractured subjects. So I take the extremes of human emotion, and create expressive, fragmented figurative works that shows minds and bodies gripped by an overwhelming inner fear. A kind of forewarning about the fragility of the flesh and the solitude of humans in the face of technical progress.


I have no formal art education. After creating a lot as a young person I completely lost touch with this side of myself for two decades. Now in my 40s as a single parent with a full time job, art has become a way of understanding the reasons behind this disconnection and fostering a new intimacy with existence. I often make art out of failed pieces that have destroyed and things I salvage from daily life. In this way, this process is redemptive and shows me that there is much meaning the materials of my life despite the regrets. Everything is in fact, exactly as it should have been.


I'm a brand new digital and ocasionally traditional furry artist with an overambitious idea for a comic book about story of Jack Catson, a cat spy, who got too far away from home. Check out my gallery for some WIP, character designs and more!

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