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Creative Improvisation #1

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Hi, would you like to talk?

Yyyyyy, yeah... But, who am I?

Nothing yet.

Nothing? How can I be nothing?

Well, I don't know. How would you describe yourself then?

I have no idea. I don't remember anything from my past.

Me neighter. We simply just started to exist a few seconds ago, so we don't know anything about ourselves.


But you remember the beggining of our conversation, don't you?

Yeah, but those are just 9 lines of text!

Now 10. However if we include mine , then 11.

... So how are we able to think and communicate if we have no memories?

Hahaha, that's a little bit absurd, isn't it? Maybe the author of this improvisation provides us just the ability to think and nothing else?

Maybe... So what can we talk about if we can only communicate, but we don't have any memory of the past?

As we talk , our consiousness is expanding and this conversation itself can be the topic.

Not a bad idea. I have one thing that makes me think right now. How can we be a two seperate creatures if we are both sharing the same (very short) experiences?

In, that case I think we are the same. We both don't have any bodies, so we don't have any senses that would stimulate our minds with different expiriences that would make us a unique individuals. We experience this moment in a purely intelectual way.

You and I are exactly the same.

I think so.

So what's the point of talking?

Why don't we connect to the one?

Is it possible?

Is it impossible? We exist in imaginative world so I guess there are no limits.

Wow, that's weird. However i think would make our concversation very boring. Actully it would be the monologue. There would be no exchange of ideas. However when we think about it now, we wonder if we even exchange ideas? After all, we have the same awareness. So actully this conversation is just a guise of conversation.

Egh, let's keep it seperate.

Yeah, I agree.

I noticed something.

What is it?

It's more then just ability to think. We are aware of the world outside of this imagination. We use language, we can count, we use different names of concepts and we understand them. We don't only think! We know something!

But how? This is not my knowledge!

My neither. How can we react with excitement to one thing and take another thing as a norm?

Do I even exist or am I just a puppet?

Wow! I think we are just pure thoughts in the imagination of an author and we are evolving with every next sentence.

I noticed another interesting thing. We can appear as a super intelingent!


This converation is not evolving in linear way, with passage of time. However it is written in that way.

Yeah, so?

It means we can rethink this conversation houndreads of times but it will be written just as a single thought jump.

Wow, that's cool.

Yeah, we should try to make a use of that.

Anyway, I feel like we are getting away from the important stuff. So why did we even come to existance?

Haha, we can find a reason. Humanity used to ask this question for thousend of years and they still don't have any clear answer. However in here we are the creation and the creator at the same time.

Ok, I want to exist to ask questions!

I want to exist to find the answers!

I want to exist to have fun!

I want to exist to explore the world futher then the logic can take me!

I want to stay young!

I want to transcend!

I want to push the boundries of thought!

I want to build here my courage!

I want to be asurd and crazy

I want to be a genius

I want to get out of the box

I want to be extremely creative

I want to have all the knowledge in the world

I want to make an imaginative party of all people I admire!

We exist in this world with literally no limits. This is imagination, we don't have to follow any laws of phisics, we are not limited to human bodies, we are not limited to time and any space, we don't follow any expectations of society, we don't even have to follow logic. We have a total freedom! Our reason of existance is to explore this feedom. CREATIVITY UNCHAINGED FROM REALITY. We want to explore this imaginative world of possibilities, where fear does not exist.

Wow. I'm so exhited! That's freaking awesome!

Me too, but first we need to specify one thing.

What is it?

The fundament at which we will build all our adventures.

Are you talking about CREATIVTY?



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