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Wow, those conversations are quite problematic


For a few reasons. First, because I don't even remember what we were exactly talking about the last time.

So just read it.

Yeah... But I'm more interested in moving this conversation forward, rather than coming back. I want to put my energy in writing something new.

How can you move forward if you don't remember where you've already made progress? You'd stay in a circle of madness keep doing the same.

True, give me sec then...



Was it a wasted time?


So does it matter how long it took you? Focus what you've learned instead.

Hah. I give myself good advice and follow it. Interesting. For some reason it is more effective than self talk in my head. Anyway, I was making corrections and highlighting ideas that I'm interested in expanding. Also, I now get the overall picture what we already talked about.

And where would you like to go now Mr Anybody?

Things that currently crumble in my head and are great challenges for our creativity

Nice, what are they? :)

The upcoming degree show, the agency of creativity and the final outcome (end goal) of using my creativity?

Why are those thing important to you?

Why do we keep asking the question "why"? Are we keep following the reason?

You did this in the past... You know that it's not all about "why". But you should remind yourself the conclusion of this thinking process!

I think it can be interesting to try to answer this question again without reminding myself the conclusion I came to in the past. Who knows, maybe I will come up with something else? And it can be interesting how they overlap or not.

Okay. So we will continue our conversation in a sec, and now let's dive into the nature of reasoning itself.

Why do we ask question "why"? Do we always have to ask it to find meaning? Do we need meaning? What is meaning?

One by one! One by one! I think we ask why because as you already moved forward, it helps us to examine the meaning of something or understanding the reason for which something happens. Do we need meaning? I think we do. It allows us to create value and as a result motivate our actions. Is it necessary? Probably no. Most of the things we do in our lives we do because we have a reason for it. I eat because I'm hungry. I sleep, because I need rest. However it can get complicated. I go to school because: I want to learn something, my friends are there, my parents tell me to do so, I need it to get a good job in the future, I used to do it for a very log time so I'm still doing it.

Now we know that we probably didn't actually need school. We had the reasons to go there, but if I was able to change the past I would do this differently.

But you would do this differently only because you have the knowledge that you already have right now. At that time it was the most "reasonable" option for you and your parents.

There is something interesting, we should come back to it. But let's come back to the nature of reasoning itself. Sometimes there are long term, enormous problems. By knowing why, the purpose you give it a meaning, it makes you keep coming back to the particular project and finish it.


And there you go! I am already to tired to continue this conversation!

There is another thing you should add to you list. How to kindle in yourself desire. Once you feel desire , I mean huge unstoppable DESIRE, than you won't be ever too tired.

Yeah... Haha, instead of adding it to my to do list I should practice it more. I will.

I think we can continue this conversation later instead of starting the new one.

Focus desire


21:30 - 23:41

Circumstances: Tired, NCL Library, no longer busy with uni, not focused, a little bit lost.

Future improvements:


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