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Full script - Imaginative Exploration of Creativity - 2022

*Make noises*

Who am I?

Nothing yet.

Nothing? How can I be nothing?

Well, how would you describe yourself then?

I have no idea. Do you know who I am?


Do any of you know who you are?

Where are we?

This place is weird. Everything is in constant movement. What was there, disappears a moment later. I feel lost.

It’s weird and fascinating at the same time. You might be scared, but look, we have so much freedom here!

Do any of you know who we are?

We simply just started to exist a few seconds ago, so we can’t know anything about ourselves.


Are you sure?

What do you mean?

Maybe we already existed before, but we don’t remember that?

Hmmmm… Yeah, I can’t be sure. Indeed, maybe it’s just a game and only the player knows the past and future.

The player, the writer, the creator or the artist.

Hmmm… Do I even exist or am I just a puppet?

How can we find out?

We can just ask. Excuse me, did we exist before or not?


Who are you talking to?

There might be other creatures like us in the world.

How can you know that?

I can’t. But I can try and ask anyway. I might just talk to the vacuum, but if there is at least one more creature then I might get a response.

But how would they communicate with us?

Hmmm, I’ve got an idea! Here is a button. If there is any intelligent life out there, they can send signals there and we will see it.

Wow, so there is life outside! I wonder what their thoughts are made of. Thank you for your message!Egh… Nothing. Maybe they don't move enough? Give them a few more seconds. I will keep trying later anyway.

I was thinking. How are we able to think and communicate if we have no memories of the past?

Hahaha, that's a little bit absurd, isn't it? Maybe we have just the ability to think and nothing else?

Yeah, and as we talk, our consciousness is expanding. Our thoughts stick to each other and soon might build a stairs to answers.


So how can we be three separate creatures if we are all sharing the same experience? Why do you and I exist as separate concepts?

I think we are the same. We exist in this moment in a purely intellectual way. We don't have bodies or any senses that would allow us to experience things in different ways. That would make us unique individuals, however without them, I guess you’re right, we are one mind.

So what's the point of talking?

Should we be silent then? Like some of the creatures in the room? That's boring.

No, no, I mean… Why don’t we just think as one mind.

*They do the same hand movements*

Well, It’s a little bit weird. I have the same thoughts. You are me and I am you. It’s like a monologue, I just talk to myself. Who’s brain is it?



Oh wow, that was intriguing. We are...

Torn again. Like the mind of a madman.

Something changed…

Oh, I know where we are! This is imagination! We are a part of someone's imagination. Wow, there are so many ideas hidden in here.

Wow, can you see this huge space city in the shape of a tree 10 000 km away?

Yeah yeah, and look at this crowd of snakes riding bicycles. Why do they wear purple hats?

And why do bicycles have 8 legs?

Look over there, there's a baby falling from the sky like a big burning star.

Is it falling? Looks like it is flying towards us. I can almost feel the heat.


Woooow, that was close.

It’s hard to say where is up and down.

I like this huge construction made of clay. Every room is filled with colourful experiments.

It looks like a library of ideas.

And is this white whole? It’s like a black whole but white, keep throwing out other ideas like us. Is music coming out of it?

I hear like a hundred voices at the same time but somehow they all together compose a beautiful melody.

Look look. Can you see all these objects on the carpet? What are they for?

They look different from all the other things in here. Are they real?

Do you think we can touch them?

I don’t know. They look interesting.

I want to build something! Let’s play!

I still feel a little bit lost. This place is an imagination, we are 5 minutes old and it seems like we have a lot of creative freedom here. But what can we do with it?

We can think about the upcoming graduation show.

What! When!? A second ago I was just a blue dot and now I am a Fine Art student with responsibilities?

When? That depends when you ask. Because the moment this conversation was written it’s in a few months, but the moment people watch it, it already happens. However some people might go back to see this work again and again, so it might have already happened in the past.

But I ask now, so why do you complicate things?

We all have different NOWs. You can ask me this question always in the same way and I will always give you a different answer.

Oh, stop it!

So what are we going to create!

I already have a few ideas. We can make an experiment where we explore the thinking process, potential of human imagination and we can express our passion for creativity. We can make use of this imaginary world with unlimited possibilities, where even impossible ideas can exist.

For example? Could you be more specific, please?


For example, I can just go away from this carpet and do double salto forward and without touching the ground triple salto backward.


*They bravo*

And now both at the same time

*They brawo*


However there are much greater ideas we can focus on instead. The possibilities are unlimited. It's just difficult to find them, because we might have to abandon logic and reason we got used to.

We can abandon logic and reason.

This is what I just said.

Oh sorry, there was a mistake in the script. Ahah

Here is another idea. We can create more buttons like the previous one. And let the audience fire fireworks out of them.

Or we can turn them into cannons and create targets they have to shoot. It will be like a game where you have to defend a castle or whatever.

Hey hey hey, slow down. This is an art gallery. You have to be serious. No games. Focus on important things like materiality of your artwork, broader cultural context and the conversations around it referring to artistic heritage. Be professional.



How can you create anything revolutionary if you stick to all the rules and the past traditions? 6 years in art school where you learn about composition, proportions, realistic painting and art history that is 99% focused on dead art and then you spend just 2 quick lessons on contemporary art.

6 years when you forget that you have your own imagination! You look at these countless artists who only pretend to be creative when they are caged in well-worn conventions without even thinking that there is something more interesting to explore.

18 years surrounded with rules, traditions and responsibilities where the biggest entertainment was the imagination itself. And only a few friends were able to preserve their brilliant personalities and survive surrounded by gray society. And then finally you are able to escape to another country thanks to being stubborn and ambitious and you see a completely new world where you can start everything from the beginning and rediscover your creativity.

Ok, ok, I get the point.

Don’t you ever dare to tell me again what art I should create. Especially when it’s about abandoning my passions and as a result becoming another smiling adult which is dead inside.

Can we go back in time 60 seconds and forget about it, please?

Yes sure, this is imagination. HERE ARE NO RULES…

I like the vision of exploring our creativity, but how would you put this experiment in a specific form?

We can just write a script, create a few animations, record a conversation and put it all together as a video on a big screen.

Wait, are you describing what is happening now?

Yes, I told you, there are different NOWs.

So now we are an artwork?

I don’t want to be art! I want to be just myself! I just want to keep exploring my thought process and dig and dig deeper to understand how creativity works.

Those two things are not mutually exclusive. You can be an art and a thought. Your ideas can be artworks. And actually you can understand more when you create art.

How is that?

Look. If we just stay closed in our thoughts that would be very selfish of us. Spending all day just absorbing inspirations and transforming them into unstable thoughts. Kill the artist and the ideas will die too.

Instead, you can share those ideas and make them come true.

But, they are already true in my mind

They can also be true in the minds of other people. Let them experience what you think rather than keeping your passions exclusively for yourself..

But they will judge me, they might laugh, ignore it, criticise me or even misinterpret my ideas.

Of course they will, they love it. But there's a very valuable lesson in all the things that hurt us and divide us. Those are one of the many things that makes us unique.

I’m not sure if I like it, this lack of understanding can lead not only to misinterpretation of art but on a large scale even to wars.

Do you want to start a war?

Of course not! I want to start a creative revolution, but this is a topic for another artwork.

This is why it’s so important to understand each other. All those people in the room have their own thoughts and dreams. Artists or not they should be understood too.

But how?

By interacting with each other and sharing our knowledge. If you let people play with your art, then they can understand your message. Can they sit on the carpet and forget for a few minutes about their lives? You want them to reflect on their imagination, yes?

That’s right

So only when they start using their own creativity with the stimulating materials here, then they would be more likely to explore their creative thinking in everyday life when they leave this room.

Oh ok, you can play with my toys. You can build whatever you want. But please, everything has to stay on the carpet! Don’t take anything home.

Why not? Is this a boring museum or an evolving playful installation? Hmm?

Oh ok, you can, but only if you change it for something else. I like surprises.

Feel free to sit on the carpet with us and unleash your creativity.

Escape from everyday life and we will be delighted if you make this creative decision to join us. Have you ever asked yourself what your creative potential is?

I was thinking that we can also change the space around us, so that people can feel that they are inside the imagination with us. For example with a few projectors we can

  • Flood the room with lava, flowers and explosions

  • Or Project windows with view of exotic landscapes with extinct species

  • Or a battle of all modern artists against their artworks brought to life

  • Or an interior of Nikola Tesla laboratory with his greatest inventions

  • Or giant mountains of oil paint hanging from the stormy clouds

  • Or passionate orgy of all species of the world in the heart of vulcano

  • Or psychedelic fractals mixed with organic patterns and poetry

Sounds exciting, however people have their own brains. They can project those ideas on the walls of their imagination. A few primitive projections might ruin this experience.

Yeah, if they just look and listen without engaging they would lose a lot without even being aware of that.

That’s why we exist not only on this screen. We are constantly changing our form - from experimental artworks, through exhibitions, projects and to all the creations of the artist.

But who is the artist? We are in this imagination but we don’t even know who created us?

We don’t but there are descriptions of the artwork and many qr codes with surprises all around. Maybe there is a clue.


Anyway, I feel like we are getting away from the important point. So why did we even come into existence?

Haha, we can find a reason. Humanity used to ask this question for thousands of years and they still don't have any clear answer. However, we are in a different situation: here we are the creation and the creator at the same time.

I want to exist to have fun!

I want to exist to ask questions!

I want to exist to find the answers!

I want to be absurd and crazy!

I want to explore the world further than logic can take me!

I want to transcend!

I want to push the boundaries of thought!

I want to make an imaginative party of all the people I admire!

I want to be a genius!

I want to get out of the box!

I want to have all the knowledge in the world!

I want to be extremely creative!

I want to be happy!

I want to understand the true nature of creativity!

What about you? Why do you want to exist?

Write your answer on paper and just stick it anywhere.

This is imagination - we exist in this world literally without any limits. There’s no obligation to follow any orders or even logic. Here are no systems, no rules, no social expectations, even no laws of physics. I can be anyone, anywhere, anytime. I have total control and total freedom.


I am not limited to the human body, I don’t have to be afraid of getting injured or wasting my time to eat, sleep, exercise, travel or rest. I am not afraid of mortality because I die every night and I am reborn every morning with an explosion of new ideas.

I can go back in time, build in seconds huge cathedrals of thoughts and turn them into glass birds the moment later. I can travel anywhere and conquer any world. Any point in time I can relive again or create an infinite number of new marvellous, horrifying or crazy adventures.

I can imagine things that can't exist in the external world. It opens a completely new spectrum of possibilities. And I wonder how to detach myself from reality. What elements can I use instead of memories as basic building blocks of my new world?

This is not an escape from reality, this is the next level of thought. I can visualise any memory I had before, in my head I can hear again any sound and music, I can see faces of my loved ones, I can restore the memory of the taste of honey or smell of burning house. The variety of objects I touched still trigger the feelings in my mind.

And I can fly even higher! I can transform my neurons to bring to existence new creations. The artwork you see is the mixture of who I am and one of a hundred leaves on a tree of varieties of this piece where every decision grew a new branch of possibilities. And even it is just a single element in the whole universe of my mind. Most of us just recreate the past, but the real magic is when we create the future. This is where creativity starts.

And where does it end?

It doesn't. How exciting.

But you can't experience imagination with your senses the same way as in the real world!

The pain or taste you feel is not out there, it’s your brain giving you this impression. So it's just a matter of using neuroplasticity to experience your thoughts as in the real world without external stimulation.

Is it even possible? Do you know anyone who can do this?

Yes, we all do this everyday.

What are you talking about?

Do you think about dreams?


Ok, I agree, it’s an example that we have such ability, however in dreams you're a slave of you subconsciousness.

There's again a way to overcome it.

Oh, do you mean lucid dreaming?


Ok, you're right

There has to be a way to learn it in awake life.

In my mind I am not limited to time and space. My body is seducing my thoughts like gravity to follow those thinking patterns of the past, but I have a choice to escape from them. We all do. I want to explore this imaginative world of possibilities. World, where thoughts erupt like volcanoes of ideas when fear does not exist. No anger, no frustration, no sadness. Let it go and let your thoughts erupt like volcanoes of ideas powered by fascination, freedom of thinking, desire and passion. Join our adventure with PURE CREATIVITY UNCHAINED FROM REALITY.

Why do you want to escape from reality? What exactly do you want to escape from?

I was thinking that the knowledge I had might be my limit. The more you know, you take this knowledge as facts and then you slowly fall from the sky starting to accept the “limitations” of reality.

But, how do you know if this knowledge is a definite truth? Maybe we just live in these oversimplified concepts that limit the possibilities of new explorations? But when you're aware of that, you can choose if you take them as fossilised library or exciting evolving adventure.

Yeah, there are so many great people who lived before us, they were building and rebuilding the understanding of the world. Those who we call geniuses have the greatest creativity I admire.

If we try to seperate ourselves then we would have to start everything from scratch, including reinvention of the language.

Instead we can use critical thinking to question everything and invent new concepts and thinking patterns.

And we can use creativity too! Our imagination is a smithy where those new concepts are born and creativity is a flame that allows creation of new ideas.

Ok, time to escape. Let’s forget about everything and start our thought experiment from the beginning. That might help us to dig into real creativity not influenced by our thinking patterns, culture or any other disruptions from real nature or our brains.

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