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We help creatives inspire people. Become the next "Artists of the week" with BFreak Project!

Hello! This is a short form, where you can submit your details and get promoted with BFreak Project.

1. Fill the form below and submit your best artworks.

2. We will add you to the queue and schedule your post.

3. Enjoy! It will be published at our groups and shared to other facebook groups.

zvx fcbv.jpg

Example: find other artists here

Fill the form

Your artwork
Your artwork
Your artwork
Your artwork
Your artwork

Please be patient :) Depending on your Internet speed and file sizes, the process can take a few seconds or minutes. Wait until all squeres are colourful again. In case of any problems, please text us! ;)

Success! We will contact you soon to let you know when your post is scheduled.

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