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What is BFreak Project?

BFreak Project is a collective designed for ambitious creators who start their adventure and struggle with finding their dream pathway. Our dream is to unleash the creative potential of humanity.

What do we mean by "creators"?

Visual artists, startups, activists, musicians, businesses, designers, social enterprises, writers... Everyone who uses the creative potential of their brains to CREATE and ACT.


What do we mean by "ambitious"?

- Those who want to aim higher than uneventful life and aim to reach the stars,

- Those who aspire to make a positive impact, bring value to the world and write history,

- Those who dream of changing or even revolutionising the world with their passion and creativity.


In BFreak Project, we educate, inspire and support creators around the world. If you want to develop your passion, be proud of your individuality and turn your knowledge into action, then this project is a perfect place for you. We aim to start exciting collaborations and make a positive impact with our Creative Services.

Explore our online courses, creative workshops and experimental website, which are essential sources of inspiration that will allow you to unleash your creative potential.

Our Team consists of visual artists, students, musicians and other creatives with passion for creative thinking. Following our vision, we make creativity research, write articles, expand our website with new creative content and design online courses full of practical advice. We provide you the tools and knowledge of creativity, so you can make your dreams come true.

BFreak Manifesto

  1. Our dream is to unleash the creative potential of humanity. 

  2. We are the beginning of a Global Creative Revolution. Are you?

  3. We pursue the true and full understanding of creativity and the human brain.

  4. Be Freak! We adore the bizarreness, the uniqueness and the freakness.

  5. We constantly learn, evolve and share knowledge about creativity around the world.

  6. We are eyes to the world, we are a heart full of passion, we are a food to the brains.

  7. We strive for independence! Independence from people, from space, from time. 

  8. Experimentation and exploration are our tools in reshaping the perception of reality.

  9. We bring fun, meaning and diversity to the world to inspire future generations.

  10. We are the creators and the creation of the new age of extreme creativity.

Our aspirations

  • Create 3 books about creativity that will be thought in every school around the world

  • Increase demand for creatives and appreciation of their creative practice

  • Revolutionise the world by reshaping old thinking patterns and concepts

  • Resolve the mystery of human brain and our creative capacity

  • Create a yearly award for creativity in the variety of fields of human ingenuity

  • Make creativity a separate field of study and teach it at every level of education 

  • Create an academy of geniuses to rise new generation of exceptional individuals

  • Initiate a Global Creative Revolution and explore the true potential of humanity

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