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Meet The Team


Jakub Stadnik

Project  Founder

Passionate creativity lover, curious artist and founder of BFreak Project. In my art practice I love experimentation, following my imagination and inspiring my audience. For me, everyday is an exciting adventure and opportunity to be fascinated with the minds of other people.


Elah Sarelle Perez

Team Member

Passionate third year student who loves to learn, currently taking up BS Business Administration course, majoring in Marketing Management at a college in the Philippines. I’m also an imaginative wanderer who likes to write stories and poems based on my thoughts and emotions.


Kasia Paterek

Team Member

Graphic designer with the passion for posters, illustration and photography. I am an active member of the art and theatre association - I have been on the stage since childhood. I'm a big fan of hitchhiking, travelling and sleeping wild in strange places.


Maksymilian Stadnik

Team Member

Professional musician - pianist - and a first-year student of Landscape Architecture at the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław. I’m passionate about music and shooting. I’m also an avid traveller, curious about the world, new cultures and experiences.


Szymon Pawlak

Team Member

Aspiring scenographer/stage designer, passionately involved in different projects. I created a few scripts and have many ideas for the next ones. When working on my projects, I can easily plan out the technical side which gives me a lot of fun.


Szymon Hrydziuszko

Team Member

Aspiring digital artist, storyteller, creator of dozens of characters and a whole comic universe. I’m also a connoisseur of furries, fantasy and sci-fi and a future founder of well known webcomic ,,Jack Catson’’.

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 20-54-34 James Hall (_captain_corcoran) • Zdjęcia i filmy na Inst

James Hall

Team Member

First year student of Music and Classics at Newcastle University. I am an organist (and amateur pianist), and my principal interest is composition. I am also generally interested in different cultures and traditions, particularly in their preservation.

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