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Meet The Team


Jakub Stadnik

Project  Founder

Passionate creativity lover, curious artist and founder of BFreak Project. In my art practice I love experimentation, following my imagination and inspiring my audience. For me, everyday is an exciting adventure and opportunity to be fascinated with the minds of other people.


Xiaoqing Deng

Marketing Officer

Postgraduate student at Newcastle University studying Cross-cultural Communication and International Marketing. My bachelor’s degree is in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship Management Pathway) from Guangdong University of Finance and Economics in China.


Julian Bezara

Content curator

Art student, curious explorer and a proud dog parent of an amazing creature with a golden heart. In everyday life, I try to get out of norms and focus on things that are worth pursuing - things that give me more skills that are not necessarily useful, but make our lives more colourful.


Gwen Shail

blog writer

Currently enrolled in the program in Master’s in Landscape Architecture at Newcastle University and graduated in History of Art at the University of Leeds. I grew up in the beautiful country-side of west Wales and moved to Yorkshire as a teenager.


Weronika Mucha

Talent Scout

Passionate painting artist and art history enthusiast. I like to experiment with art, explore to find what suits me best. I really find myself interested in Lolita, Ouji and EGL fashion. I'm also a person with Aspergers syndrome trying to understand the psychology of autism.


Michalina Czech

Graphic Designer

Art school student with passion for art and creativity. I am the owner of a lovely dog and four chinchillas. I’d describe myself as an energetic person, sometimes with strong character, but also very sensitive. I am a fan of horrors and good movies.


Szymon Hrydziuszko

Content Designer

Aspiring digital artist, storyteller, creator of dozens of characters and a whole comic universe. I’m also a connoisseur of furries, fantasy and sci-fi and a future founder of well known webcomic ,,Jack Catson’’.


Elah Sarelle Perez

Content Editor

Passionate third year student who loves to learn, currently taking up BS Business Administration course, majoring in Marketing Management at a college in the Philippines. I’m also an imaginative wanderer who likes to write stories and poems based on my thoughts and emotions.


Kasia Paterek

Content Designer

Graphic designer with the passion for posters, illustration and photography. I am an active member of the art and theatre association - I have been on the stage since childhood. I'm a big fan of hitchhiking, travelling and sleeping wild in strange places.


Maksymilian Stadnik

Video Editor

Professional musician - pianist - and a first-year student of Landscape Architecture at the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław. I’m passionate about music and shooting. I’m also an avid traveller, curious about the world, new cultures and experiences.


Szymon Pawlak

Team Member

Aspiring scenographer/stage designer, passionately involved in different projects. I created a few scripts and have many ideas for the next ones. When working on my projects, I can easily plan out the technical side which gives me a lot of fun.

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 20-54-34 James Hall (_captain_corcoran) • Zdjęcia i filmy na Inst

James Hall

Team Member

First year student of Music and Classics at Newcastle University. I am an organist (and amateur pianist), and my principal interest is composition. I am also generally interested in different cultures and traditions, particularly in their preservation.

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We're looking for new team members!


BFreak Manifesto:

  1. Our dream is to unleash the creative potential of humanity. 

  2. We are the beginning of a Global Creative Revolution. Are you?

  3. We pursue the true and full understanding of creativity and the human brain.

  4. Be Freak! We adore the bizarreness, the uniqueness and the freakness.

  5. We constantly learn, evolve and share knowledge about creativity around the world.

  6. We are eyes to the world, we are a heart full of passion, we are a food to the brains.

  7. We strive for independence! Independence from people, from space, from time. 

  8. Experimentation and exploration are our tools in reshaping the perception of reality.

  9. We bring fun, meaning and diversity to the world to inspire future generations.

  10. We are the creators and the creation of the new age of extreme creativity.


New experiments coming soon! We twist and squeeze the juicy ideas out of our brains to create new creative content for you. Let us know what do you want to see next!


Do you have something to say?
BFreak project is a great way to express your creativity

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