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Exhibitions and Screenings:

“Human Creativity” Solo Exhibition, September 2023, Hungary


"New Horizons" Solo Exhibition, May 2023, Newcastle

"7 Art Games" Solo Exhibition, April 2023, Newcastle

"Artificial Minds" Solo Exhibition, April 2023, Newcastle


School of Art Graduate Exhibition, November 2022, Melbourne

"Vernalis 2022" Screening, November 2022, ACMI Museum, Melbourne

"Earth Requiem II" Group Exhibition, September 2022, Washington

“Green Space Group Exhibition, May 2022, Newcastle

“Human Potential” Group Exhibition, March 2022, Newcastle

"100 ARTWORKs" Solo Exhibition, January 2022, Newcastle

"BFreak Art" Solo Exhibition, October 2021, Newcastle

Solo Exhibition, July 2021, Nysa

"Time Limited" Group Exhibition, January 2020, Newcastle

Solo Exhibition, July 2019, Nysa

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