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People who want to take challenges, create great things and make the world a better place with their creativity. Now we offer you to be more than a volunteer and make money with your creativity! We move our project to the next level! Now, you can create online courses with us and get involved in our projects where we offer our help as creative consultancy. However BFreak Project is much more then that!
Why do we love BFreak Project?
We use our creativity in practice
We help people unleash their creativity
We create online courses and other creative content
We constantly grow and support each other
We make new friends with inspiring people
We change the world to a more creative place
Our dream is to unleash human creativity, and this is what BFreak Project is about. We work and communicate mostly online, so you can work from anywhere and anytime you want. This project is something more than just a website; it is a very stimulating environment of people with passion. We're learning through experimentation.
People from over 40 countries have already been inspired by our project!