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Unleash your creativity and make the world more exciting!
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We're looking for new members!
People who want to take challenges, create great things and make the world a better place with their creativity. Become a volunteers and grow with our network of creatives.
Why do we love BFreak Project?
We use our creativity in practice
We help people unleash their creativity
We create online courses and other creative content
We constantly grow and support each other
We make new friends with inspiring people
We change the world to a more creative place
Our dream is to unleash human creativity, and this is what BFreak Project is about. We work and communicate mostly online, so you can work from anywhere and anytime you want. This project is something more than just a website; it is a very stimulating environment of people with passion. We're learning through experimentation.
People from over 40 countries have already been inspired by our project!
Below are all volunteer roles. No experience is required because we're all learning and we will help you. All you need is a desire to make the world more creative :)
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Places for this role are unlimited, every volunteer is welcome!
Perfect for those interested in:
-creativity, art, human brain
-reading creative books

-writing articles
-producing ideas
-finding creative solutions
-get valuable knowledge
-improve writing skills
-a lot of creative opportunities
-make friends with other creators
-enhancing your artistic experience
Create new online course with us and share you creativity globally!
Perfect for those interested in:
-education and collaboration
-inspiring people on a global scale
-sharing your unique experience
-planning, writing, inspiring
-creative skills, positive thinking
-together we'll create new course
-we'll promote it around the world
-you'll get a % of the profit
-share your unique skills
-you choose the topic you love
Marketing Officer
Perfect for those interested in:
-marketing, psychology
-creative promotion

-public relations

-improve marketing skills
-learning in practice
-relations with audience

Graphic Designer
Perfect for those interested in:
-digital art, websites
-creative graphic design
-making ideas real

-graphic design skills
-mix beauty and innovation
-exposing your designs 
Perfect for those interested in:

-philosophy, journalism

-writing articles

-improve course texts

-improve writing skills
-write what you love
-experiment in practice
Perfect for those interested in:
-sociology, logistics
-bringing new ideas
-managing social media

-improve your social skills
-make new friends
-think creatively, have fun
Special role:
This is your chance to make a great impact on future of humanity!
Perfect for those interested in:
-genius and ambitious creativity
-making a global impact

-shaping the vision and philosophy
-asking questions, deep thinking 
-revolutionising the project
-extreme passion for creativity
-time and energy commitment
-experience in leading people 
-strong motivation
-willingness to learn and take risks

 It is a great opportunity to express yourself, try new things and reach many new people. We will be happy to share all our creative experience with you. Don't wait for "a perfect moment" and give it a try today!
Do you have any questions? We're more than happy to answer all of them! :)
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What position are you interested in?
Please, tell a little bit about yourself :)
Why do you want this role?
What are your creative ambitions?

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