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Artistic style of an artist

Updated: May 28, 2021

It's an expression of a creator's interior in his or her unique manier. This is why artistic styles bring so much diversity into art. Every style is different, and the attempt of the imitation is like trying to be someone else. Artistic styles can evolve and interact with styles of other artists, like humans in society, because they are based on our experience.

It's a manifestation of severability. Style can exist in music, art, literature, poetry... Actually, everywhere, where is freedom of individuality. Artistic style can be created over the same period, art movement, location or training. However, in this article we will discuss more individual example, the style of an artist.


Primitively, artists were creating in a similar way. It was and still is hard to distinguish the authority of the artworks without looking at the sign. Only people familiarized with the artists and art historians can recognize that, however they are not always 100% sure. In the middle ages the artist didn't even sign their works. Later of course it changed, however they strived to realism of the representation, so only highly talented artists were recognizable. It lasted until about the half of the 19th century when artists such as realists, symbolists and impressionists started to break with academism. Thanks to them, later there was a big expansion of new individual styles, and it still continues. Artists don’t follow the strict rules any more and it gives us freedom.

However there always were exceptions, people who were out stand from the rest. Our team admire these artists. They were for example, Michael Angelo, Hieronimus Bosch, it’s really hard to mistake them for somebody else.


Artistic styles don’t come as completed products, they evolve. It’s great when every next artwork is better than the previous one, but even failures improve your style. Every next experimentation will bring new possibilities. Every next practice makes artworks more and more characteristic. An artist is like the king, who decides which patterns will be continued, and which will be rejected. The combination of results of the artist's research makes style. It is like getting rid of unnecessary orange peel and enjoying the juicy content. The viewers don’t see a little bit of everything, but the artists show them his or her favourite part of the world.


Styles are so individual because there are unlimited possibilities. It is combining elements of the outside world in a specific way in artwork. For someone it can be very inspiring, but for others frustrating. It is discussed in the next section how to deal with that. It's not always about different shapes, it can be a unique line, background, even perspective. Every step and element, from an idea to finished artwork, can be personalized and become part of the style. Even when two or more artist see the same object or view, it will be presented in different way.

Noone said that artists are allowed to have only one style. The great man who knew that is Pablo Picaso. In his life he was creating in many styles: realistic paintings, Blue Period and Rose Period, analytical cubism, synthetic cubism, surrealistic style and something new at his latest years. It was his secret of such long success.


Everything starts with at least a little fascination. What do you like? What do you love? Is there something that you adore in this world and makes you really curious? These things can become subjects of your creation. They can have an essential impact on your style. All objects have special features, and some of these features are the reason why you like it or not. It can happen unconsciously, that's why it's worth following your associations and feelings. How does your image make you feel? Are you satisfied or the opposite? Is the satisfaction necessary?

From this point is time for: experimentation and fun. While you're doing this exercise your attention, look for the essence which will become a fundament of your art style.

Later it is worth to use critical thinking, to clear your style from dust of unnecessary influences.


Here are a few examples of artistic styles which really impress me. Try to guess them all! :)


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