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Creativity in everyday life

Updated: May 28, 2021

Every life is creative. Every day is different. Every day you make new decisions and every day you adapt to new situations, you try out new things, innovate or improvise flexibly. Creativity always exists in our lives. It helps all of us to survive. However, only a few use its benefits for something more: fun, meaning, excitement, or adventures.

You might say that you have too many problems to be creative. In that case, try to look at it from a different perspective. Creativity can help you to solve your problems. Most people try to avoid them or deal with them using conventional methods. This doesn't necessarily mean that it's the best option, and often it's the most boring or hard one. We want to convince you to be unconventional.

Creative problem solving can bring the most interesting results in your life. If you're not sure if you fully enjoy your life, so maybe it's time for changes. Everything that you used to do brought you here where you're right now. We hope that this article will inspire you to make use of your creativity.

We've prepared for you a few propositions on how to spice up your life, to aim for more than just survival, but to start a different life. It's at the bottom of the article, you can go there immediately or continue reading.

The key is creative thinking. It gives you access to two mysterious doors:

The first door is orange and opens your imagination. There you can use creativity for your mental experience. Create new ideas, discover the results of your creativity stimulation.

The second ones are green. They open new creative possibilities in your real life. Why should you limit yourself only to the imagination? Why not turn it to reality.

The truth is that the two doors lead to the same room. It is called creativity. There's no wall between. You just enter it in different ways, that means that you can use it in various ways. Maybe there are more than two doors?

Let's discuss the orange entrance. Everything from the outside world goes through or starts in your mind. Every idea, activity, reaction, plan, inspiration, decision. By supervising your creativity, you can shape your reality. To be creative, it means to experiment, to take a risk, to give birth to new ideas and combine them freely. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and then share your thoughts with others. Just use your imagination in every little moment.

It not necessarily has to be applied in a practical way. The beauty of your creative output can be independent of the real world.

The masters of imagination are children and just behind them there are creators. Children have fun with it without any fears about how they will earn money for tomorrow. You may say, that you're not children and you have to fear this and that creativity is not practical. Is it for sure? Look around you.

Our real life is mostly interacting with the creativity of other people. You use everyday objects which used to be inventions, you maybe play games which also were created by creative people.

So, you can become a creator, consider it (or maybe you already are, enjoy the article then).

If not, the practical use of creativity is described in the green door below, but you can at least allow yourself to be a child in some part of the day.

You can spice up your life by boosting curiosity and finding new interests. Learn from children how to use imagination and create without having any skills. You've got skills and more experience than them. You have a monstrous creative library in your mind, and you can let yourself get absorbed by your dreams. Have you ever tried to just close your eyes, and imagine a little adventure in your mind? Or beautiful artistic visualizations? Or maybe discovering new mental land?

You admire the amazingness included in books or films, but you can do it the same in imagination. We can write the next article about unlimited fun possibilities that you can imagine (maybe we will), but we want you to find your own, just be creative!

Let's go back to green doors, there is a big sign:

"Be open to new things and experience". This is a very important and universal quote.

Imagine that the world around you is a place for experimentation and fun. Every human interaction, every activity could be just an opportunity to discover something new. The world around us is really amazing, and we just don't appreciate it (While writing this sentence I realised that even I don't always do this). Every time when you experience something (talk, view, book, film) you expand the creative library in your mind. You can combine it and apply it to the next situations.

Also here appropriate is an example of lazy people because they are truly smart. When other people put a lot of effort or time in some tasks, they find simple solutions. They are little inventors.

Don't be afraid to experiment, because one day you can realize that something you were doing all your life was a waste of time because there was a better solution. So, think about the boring tasks that you have to do. Something that annoys you or makes you tired. Does it have to look like that? Maybe there's a better way. Think and apply it.

Inside there are unlimited adventures:

  • Let yourself for a daydream. Whenever you're waiting for something, think about unreal things that can happen around you

  • Listen to the music, try to visualize it

  • When you make your food, try something new.

  • When you go somewhere, don't use always the same way, maybe you will find something new, maybe you will find a faster way,

  • Look for new interests. The world is full of them, why should we focus only on our specified discipline? Try new books and open your eyes

  • Regularly ask why? or how?

  • Get to know new people, even if in your region not everyone is that kind, you can try, it will bring you more courage, and their life will be a little bit happier. They will think, hey, who was that kind guy/lady?

  • Attend culture events and places

  • Make something crazy with your friends, something fun, extraordinary that you will memorise even a few years later with big excitement.

  • Play, have fun and relax


You can have a normal life, safe, without taking any risk, without getting inspired. That's fine, not everyone wants it of course. Every day will be almost the same, you will stay in your small safe comfort zone. The truth is that many people can't afford it, so appreciate it.


You can start broadening your horizons. No matter what happens around you you can respond to the world with your creativity and will for experimentation. Even when it's raining or it's so boring, you can still have fun! Don't care about what others think, let them stay in their limited thinking, focus just on your best friends and be a teenager for your whole life. By being creative you will fall in love with the world.

The decision is up to you, any of the options aren't good nor bad, they are just different. If you have any questions or thoughts, don't hesitate to share it in the comments, thanks!


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