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Welcome! You are in the:
This is the place where you can find the essence of my creativity research:
  • useful tools
  • valuable knowledge
  • creative    masterpieces

All that is being developed for one purpose:

To help people explore the powerful potential of our creative minds!

Before you go back to CreativeLab, let's have a quick conversation :) I will explain you a few things.

How are you doing today?
Thanks :)
How about you?
Oh, I feel so inspired. Thanks!
Because I finally found (next) purpose in my life - exploring creativity. I've realised I use it everyday. How about you?
Let me tell you about creativity.
It is more useful and powerful than we can imagine.
Think for a moment 
Every invention, every piece of art, every revolutionizing idea, almost everything humans have created thanks to the  creativity. All of the ideas started in our minds 🧠 and we had to use our imagination to develop it.
We started very modestly.

But every time that we were expanding the boundaries purposely, it required creativity. 


We used it to create:
scientific theories
Creativity has different names.
Do you have any other association? Would you like to add something?
What for have you been using creativity so far?

I see, you can always start to use it more often. 

I use it to create my art, to create this website and every time when I have a problem 😅

For who is Creative Lab?

Let me answer it also by questions

Are you an artist?

Is creativity important in your career or life?

Do you want to improve your creative skills?

Are you just interested in creativity?

Have you answered "yes" to any of those? So it's a place for you, you will find a lot of useful staff, I hope it will inspire you.

However, if there was no "yes", you might find something interesting for yourself in BFreak studio or Art Lab.

Thanks, I will check it later. I think I will stay here, I'm curious
OK, wait, but why do you make this research?

That is a very good question.

Since I was a child I admired geniuses, my walls are covered with their images and I'm studying their bios. I wanted to become one of them but I didn't know what path should I choose.

So I decided that when I will improve my creativity I can do anything. When I was thinking one day, I realised that all achievements, ideas of humanity, all great minds connected one thing - creativity.

The creative lab is developing and always will, please tell me:

What would you like to find or learn in Creative Lab?

BTW, how have you found this website?

Last advice. In creative Lab we are sharing ideas instead of hiding them. Get inspired and try to inspire others!


BFreak Creative Lab
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