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Artworks by BFreak - Jakub Stadnik. Please contact me if you have any questions or want to buy one of the artworks. This is the best way to support my artistic freedom and development of BFreak Project. Thank you!

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Creative Art Workshops - 3 lessons for free!
Creative Art Workshops in Newcastle! 🧠🎨🥑 Sign up today and unleash your creativity!
👉 👈
🥑 Learn creative thinking in practice
🥑 Become a better problem solver
🥑 Improve your artistic skills
🥑 Experiment in different media
🥑 Explore hundreds of art topics
🥑 Have fun and express yourself
Hello! I'm Jakub - Fine Art student at Newcastle University! 😀 In my workshops I will teach you my 2 biggest passions: art and creativity. 🧡💛💚 I have already educated 15+ students of different ages for one year and now it's time for you! 🙂
Now, I'm back in Newcastle not only to further explore the world of art at my uni, but also to share it with you! We will unleash your creative potential with practical exercises, inspiring knowledge, experimenting and analysis of revolutionary geniuses. 🧠 Visit the website for more details. ✌️

Creative Art Workshops - 3 lessons for free!

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