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Sculptures by Polish artist - Jakub Stadnik

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Image by Rohan Makhecha

The artwork "Exploration of True Potential" represents the inspirations, questions and dreams that we share as human beings. The sculpture was created by Polish Artist - Jakub Stadnik. It depicts a variety of creators supporting each other in common aim of reaching for our full potential. Our brains are still an unexplored mystery, however this journey can go in various directions. We have a choice to use our creativity to create or to destroy, inspire or frighten. It is our collective responsibility to direct our potential to the stars. 

Have you ever asked yourself what your potential is?

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-50% OFF until 20th June

At the moment there are only 6 sculptures left available for purchase. One was already sold during the “Human Potential” Exhibition and second one found new owner at "New Horizons" Exhibition. Each sculpture is a unique piece, because of complicated molding process, different materials and meticulous finishing of details. The sculptures have a size 30cm x 35cm x 90cm (plus wooden base), however smaller 3D printed figures are also available (mentioned below).


"Exploration of true potential" - white plaster


This sculpture is made of white plaster. As all the rest, it has 30cm width, 35cm length and 90cm height. All the plaster sculptures weigh around 15kg. The pure whiteness makes the shape of the bodies and all the details the most visible.


Sculpture 1 SOLD,  Sculpture 2, 

Price: (£500)  Now: £250


"Exploration of true potential" - varnished sculpture


This artwork is made of plaster. The outer surface has been covered with varnish for ageing. It was painted in a way to highlight the gestures and anatomy of the figures.

Price: (£880)  Now: £440


"Exploration of true potential" - copper spray


This sculpture is also made of plaster. This time it was completely covered with black spray and later with copper spray. Some of the areas are painted with dark brown acrylics to give a better impression of the old metal.

Price: (£960) Now: £480


"Exploration of true potential" - black and gold


This sculpture developed in collaboration with Glenn Malpass. After a conversation and sharing my vision with him, he took his sprays and started experimenting. The piece is black with running gold streaks. Additionally some of the areas are splashed with purple spray. This is the only piece without a hole inside.

Price: (£1200)  Now: £600


"Exploration of true potential" - red and yellow


In the case of this sculpture, the two colours were applied from different directions. As a result, it creates an interesting effect where the sculpture seems to change its colour depending on the point of view. This artwork is multilayered, with previous experimentations breaking through the external surface.

Price: £600 SOLD


"Exploration of true potential" - green nature


We try to reach our dreams, but how can we do this if we risk destroying our planet? This sculpture is a warning to humanity. No matter how big we dream, if we do not take care of the environment we live in, then nature would grow on our collapsed civilization.

Price: (£1000)  Now: £500


"Exploration of true potential" - resin and fibreglass


This piece is the only one made with resin and fibreglass. The process of creation was more complicated but as a result it's not only different in colour but also in weight - around 5kg. The yellow pigment inside is lightly penetrating the orange outside.

Price: (£1200)  Now: £600


Have you ever asked yourself what your true potential is? Do you remember those times when you were young and you believed you could accomplish anything? Do you still have those crazy dreams?


I do, and I believe that we all are able to be much more creative than we think.  It is the reason why I named this sculpture "Exploration of true potential". This artwork is a collection of all the inspiration, dreams, questions and emotions that we share as human beings. 


If you haven't already read the article, you can read the story and full vision HERE.