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Updated: May 26, 2023

Hi Leo!

Hi Mr Anybody!

I missed you

Did you? :)

No hahaha Yeah, I guess it's hard to miss your own thoughts Aren't you sad? No, because I didn't miss you neither

Hmmm, I don't like small talks, let's go to the point.

Thanks :) so, my last unanswered question is "WHY"?

Why what?

Why do we exist?

Firstly, how are you so sure that you even exist? One change of mind, and this story can end. You can be replaced with Leo 2, Leo 3, Leo 3782746792364. And you don't even have any personality yet. How can you exist if you have no identity? Only your words exist, but not you.

But you said I exist as your thought, don't I?

Is it existence?

Of course it is. Your ideas are as real as emotions, relations, memories, agreements, laws, dreams. Those things might not be experienced in scientific way, but they shape our reality.

Hah, and this is why you exist. You and I, we talk to each other, and this is a great creative exercise.

Creative exercise? Am I just exercising your mind?

No, hmmm, I kind of feel weird... Can we first fix some stuff before we go deeper?

Yyyy, yeah?

I don't like the situation where we are right now. I don't want you to be a slave of my imagination. I'm sorry that I said that I can replace you at any time...

That's fine. I'm happy that you say that...

And I did miss you a little bit...

OK, put yourself together. Everything is ok. So how do you want this relation to look like?

I want to be a little boy. Letter I might change my forms, but for now. I feel like I want to be a little boy. And my mind... I am the author of this article. Being one of the characters is a little weird when I explore my own mind.

And who do you want me to be?

First of all, you are me. But we will separate you just to keep this conversation alive. Secondly, I want you to be my mentor, my guide. I want you to explore this place with me.

I'd be honoured.

*I grab Leo's hand*

Thank you, Leo.

*Leo smiles*

World is amazing. But when we explore the highest mountains, and the deepest oceans, and even other planets, we still know so little about our brains! I am fascinated about science. The way how physics, chemistry, mathematics and hundreds of other fields help us to makes sense about the world around us and apply it in life. I'm especially interested in science fields that help us understand our minds: psychology, sociology, neuroscience. But I'm also interested in philosophy, futurism, traveling and fields that are focused around outcomes of our brains: art, cinematography. I'm fascinated about extraordinary thinking of geniuses extremely creative individuals and their biographies, which are a great source of inspiration... However, most of all I am passionate about CREATIVITY.


It connects all of that fascinations and it is also my favourite tools in exploring them. WHY?!?! Is this everything?

Exploring? How do you explore things with creativity?

By creating, it's my way of learning and trying more things. With my thoughts, artworks, ideas, experiments, I transform the world and myself, and by failing and succeeding in it, I understand it more and more. With creativity, I explore not only what is already here, but also the world that can possibly exist, or...

Or the world that can not exist...


So we exist to explore?

Yes... To create and explore. This thought journey itself will be an fascinating creation. Actually I'm not even sure if I can call it a journey. I have no idea where it will finish. I don't know what we will exist, I'm not sure where we're going...

How exciting :)

You think so?

Yes. There are unlimited possibilities of things we can create. And we don't even know where are the limits, by just trying to explore them we might move futher than enyone before. And who knows what we will find. This place is a laboratory, art studio and the entire universe at the same time...

*I smile*

So, I suppose you have at least a vision what you want to explore? What's the plan? What is your dream?

Yes I do. I was thinking about our adventures for a few months before I had enough courage and energy to start it. My main excuse was lack of time, but one day I realised that time is one of two things I've got.

And the second one is your creativity.

How do you know?

I am a part of your mind, I know everything you know. And btw, they are not the only things you've got. You have family, you have friends, experience in art, knowledge in many fields, numerous memories of adventures, scars and notebooks full of ideas...

Ok, ok, stop... you're exposing my ego hahah

You have beautiful memories and dreams that make you cry... You're the richest person in this imagination and everything that already was created in here and is ever going to be created, all of that happens because of you.

Wow, surprisingly, this thought makes me feel very good. I wish more people are aware of potential of their imagination. They all have great beautiful brains.

Let's come back to your vision, what is it?!

There are several aspects, but they all have one dream in common. We want to explore the true potential of human brain. I truly believe that we can access it through imagination and creativity. But let's start from the beginning. I think it might be easier and more clear if I write it down in a bullet points. I truly desire:

Wait, you're going to present reasons from the most basic one to the most inspiring, but when starting from the bottom, you'll end up with the less important reasons at the top haha

Haha, yeah, you're right, we live in this culture where we read from the top to bottom. You can say it's like diving deeper and deeper into the ocean of knowledge.

I'd rather climb the mountains of knowledge and fly up to the stars.

Ok, I will make one exception for you Leo. Here is the vision of this written experiment, with the importance rising from the bottom to the top. I truly desire and want to:

- explore the true potential of human brain

- regularly experience highly inspiring moments and transcend

- escape our primitive human nature and be limitless

- use neuroplasticity to freely rewire my neurons at will

- inspire other people to explore their brains and imagination

- set new philosophy and will of thinking that will redefine what is possible

- have total control over my thoughts, and unleash them from my human nature

- push the boundaries of our understanding of creativity, imagination, consciousness

- locate the exact possibilities of expansion of human imagination in order to explore what other mysteries our brain hides and try to solve them

- find here ideas on how to improve BFreak Project, how to make it more useful, more surprising, more impactful, more risk taking, more inspiring, more original, more creative

- think about new ways of creating art that will be revolutionary. I want to set myself here extremely high standards and generate art ideas that could revolutionise the contemporary art world and ultimately the other fields of human ingenuity

- manifest my dreams, my desires, my aspirations for the future and make it a definite plan

- create in my imagination what is not possible in the outside world, I want to live here the great films I've seen, make them 100x more crazy, turn books into imaginative reality where I am the director of the story. I want to win here epic battles, experience intense adventures, travel in imaginary world and make there new friends

- make my imagination an inspirational space, where I can always come back to remind myself who I am, what are my values, inspire myself

- make my imagination a laboratory where I will be able to make thought experiment, design inventions, develop ingenious ideas

- develop exceptional thinking, separated from social expectations and any coulture

- notice my limiting beliefs that limit my thinking and transform them

- imagine meetings with the geniuses I admire and dive into their minds

- generate mid shifting ideas that will allow me an others to create new perspectives

- teach my mind to be sensitive about ideas, be curious, cry and be amazed

- teach myself how to master my thinking, how to improve my learning abilities

- design imaginarium that will become a part of my daily life

- create the whole new world in my mind, whole universe

- document my mind, my thinking process, my identity

- develop those ideas into something much greater

- collect in here the most interesting ideas

- make this a part of my creativity research

- reflect on the world and my creativity

- experiment with my mind

- exercise my creativity

- make it my creative practice

- have fun and laugh

- organise my thoughts

Create imaginary creatures, design new technology, rebuild brains of all geniuses, we all will help you to make your vision come true.

Our vision...

Thank you for explaining it to me. Now I feel we both found our purpose.

Yes, until this moment I only knew it, but now I feet it. Thank you Leo...

So... where should we start our adventure?

You choose, I trust you Leo...


23:30 - 02:25 11/12.02.2023

Future improvements: I think I should edit those articles, however I might get flustrated with my perfectionism. I should create a system for highligting ideas, organising them, maybe I should use hashtags? I also should find a playlist for my thinking.

Conclusions: At the beginning of writing it I felt quite tired and not in a mood. But now I feel inspired and moved... I touched something deep in my heart and mind. I feel good.

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