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Updated: May 26, 2023

Hi! Hello! Bonjour!


Who are we?


Oh, cool! I will call you Leo.

I like it, and I will call you Mr Anybody.

Ok, I mean, I would like something else, but works for now.

So what's going on in here?

We just started to exist!

Interesting, and where exactly do we exist? What are we? And why do we exist?

You exist in my imagination, Leo. You are my thought, you are my idea. However I have to say I feel a little bit weird calling you mine.

Your imagination? Are you sure? I feel quite real.

Because I imagine you feeling real.

Creepy and weird. Can you prove it is your imagination?

Don't you believe me?

I do... but... wait, so if you say I exist in your imagination then how do I have a free will and decide if I believe you or not?

Hmmmm, maybe I don't have a total control over it. Maybe you evolve inside my mind independently? Or maybe you are so real simulation of a person that your complexity surprises even me?

You're weird.

Thank you.

You're welcome honey.

Waaait... that was surprising for me... Are you an instinct? Is it my imagination? Or are we both in someone's imagination?

Hmmm, this narrative complicates things, but I have to admit it makes things interesting. Should we clarify it?

Nah :)

I kind of feel that I do want to clarify it

Maybe later, now let's play with those thoughts.

Ok, do I want to talk to the people who are reading it?

No, yes, hmmm, let's not overthink and just say what we think.

Ok then, here is a part of the mystery. Those are my thoughts and they are a written experiment.

Written at the moment! I had a thought that maybe we can record our voice!

Yeah, yeah, but at the moment it's written. Please don't interrupt me.


And here is an interesting potential for free experimentation. I can write and make thought experiments... But even now when I started there are so many of them that before I even finish a sentence I have another 3 ideas and with every next sentence they cumulate.

Wow! This is awesome actually! So many ideas in just a few minutes, so many ways to grow like a plant searching for water and light!

One thing I have to say, is that I plan not to change what I've written before. If there is a sentence, no matter if I like it or not, I will leave it.

Oh, you already have 2 ideas about it! Changing the plan and creating chaotic conversation.

Thank you, but let me first finish the thought I started. Because I'm not going to change or delete any past text.

(actually, I will make changes haha)

Shhhhhh! Because PROBABLY I'm not going to change or delete any past text, it will truly document my process of thinking. What I think is here. It might be not very attractive at the moment, but when I master it, those thoughts can become more organised and beautiful!

Do they have to?

No... I think this is a little desire coming from social standards... But this is a topic for another conversation. Anyway so what were those two ideas we had?

A little challenge, let's don't look back, let's try to remind ourselves.

Ok, it will be good for our brain.


I remember the second one but not the first one. And I wanted to start with the first one!


Oh I remember now!


Would you like to say it? I talk quite a lot.

Sure, thanks. Btw, I think we already change our personalities by accident like 20 lines ago.

Wait, I think we did it probably twice! The text as I write it right now it's only black so it's really confusing who is who. (It used to be the same for both characters)

How writers are able to separate different characters in their imagination avoiding mixing all of them together?

I don't know, we can think about it one day, but let's come back to the ideas we started with.

Yeah, btw, I think it will be also a good idea to put a start and ending time of each article, there can be a paragraph at the end of each one with details of circumstances.

Or I can also have a piece of paper and write down those ideas in a separate place, instead of here, so this text will be a little bit more organised and all the ideas will be safe and they will come in a... I wanted to say natural way, but actually it's not natural. They would be natural if they appear in a way as they appear right now, but once organised and discussed one by one they will be organised, but not that instinctual anymore.

Is there such word? Instinctual?

I don't know, I was improvising. Anyway, let's come back to this two concepts. I give you the voice!

Oh, wait, I feel I wanted to give it to you, you take it please.

Oh, yes indeed haha, maybe I write too fast hahaha. SO! ... I already forgot what was ... oh no, I remember! So, about deleting and editing. I will sometimes do this. Because there might be many misspellings, or my bad English or things that I not necessarily want to share. Hmmm... but I think I will mostly just add and edit rather then delete. I want to keep that flow, otherwise it would be like cutting of a middle piece of a snake, just because you don't like it at a certain lengh. It needs whole body to stay alive

Not very good comparison

I know, I improvise. Anyway, almost everything will stay here, but only sometimes we will jump back to the past! Once article is published, I will try to not to touch it (however I will probably hate this one tomorrow haha, but who knows, I might love it in 10 years) (yes, I didn't like some of the pieces after a few weeks, I make small changes). And if there is a really fascinating idea, we will go back in time and discuss it in different colour or in different font. So that this text will evolve. Because I want it to have NO RULES! or maybe they can evolve naturally. Talking about rules is again a topic for another conversation.

I will take it from here. The other concept is about creating a chaotic conversation. It might be worthless for people who are going to read, and it doesn't matter! I don't create this experiment with a priority in mind to satisfy the readers! NO! I create it mainly to experiment on my mind, to use writing as way of playing with creativity, exercising it but also trying to move it's boundaries and see where it goes.

INTERRUPTION! INTERRUPTION! Someone texted us from the outside world! What should we do? It interrupts the writing flow and the natural evolution of this thinking process! Should I include it or not?

Hmmm, indeed it interrupts the flow a lot. There might be phone calls in the future, text messages, the building might be in fire. I think it's worth mentioning it, however I will try to turn off notifications to get less distractions

Egh disruptions!

It's very late anyway, let's just put conclusions and other interesting stuff at the end. The structure will evolve naturally with every next article.

Next time we should talk about the purpose of our existence! You didn't answer this question. Or maybe I didn't.

Yeah, we will, however I wouldn't call it a purpose. It's more like what we want to explore with this experiment, what develop. It's more like a goal and following curiosity...


0:20 - 1:44 08/02/2023

Improvements: find a way to separate who says what, colours? It takes time. Maybe bold and not bold? Bold Not bold Boldd dd dd not bold

I can highlight interesting questions, different colour interesting ideas, depending of their topic and possible use.

Maybe I should write on google docs, to see misspellings?

Conclusions: I am happy that I did it today. I tried to write it instead of writing it as another idea in my notebooks. Some of them are like cementary rather thank gardens hahah. But in my mind there is a beautiful growing wild jungle :)

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